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Company Profile

ViewNyx Co. Ltd is a specialized optics company that mass produces infrared optical lenses based on originally developed vacuum molding techniques. Our company has the ability to mass produce high-quality infrared optical lenses (Diffractive-aspheric, Bi-aspheric, etc.) through the use of vacuum molding patent technology. Currently we are supplying the market with the development and production of infrared lenses for thermal imaging cameras used in various industrial fields such as automobile night vision, electronics, and other industrial uses.

Save the manufacturing costs by about 20~30%Vacuum molding using unique mold
Molding of diffractive-aspheric lens
Fabrication of preform using a thermal process
Finished lens molding(FLM) without post-processing

Key Technology 1
Vacuum-molding techniqueMolding under high-vacuum(below 0.1 Pa) condition to use a planar-type preform
Unique design of mold for vacuum molding

Key Technology 2
Molding technique of diffractive-aspheric lensMass-production of diffractive-aspheric lens
Fabrication of high-quality diffractive-aspheric lens
Improve optical performances of IR lens module using diffractive-aspheric lens

Key Technology 3
High efficiency coating technique for FIR range(@ 8~12 um)AR(anti-reflective) coating
DLC(diamond-like-carbon) coating
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